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If you want to contact me or you want to chat (**NO CYBERSEX PLEASE**), you can find me:

on YAHOO MESSENGER as sarahmorgan73 - this is my favourite chat software

or on MSN MESSENGER as sarahmorgan73

I can also occasionally be found on AOL MESSENGER as sarahmorgan78

and rarely on ICQ (number: 82526395), but I don't like to use this much.

If you must write, do so at this address:

But PLEASE, don't be rude and/or nasty. Compliments are always welcome... but viruses, pictures of your dick or your hairy bottom, cut-'n'-paste circular e-mails sent to 100s of t-girls, spam mails, etc, aren't!

I'll try and answer everyone who isn't rude and/or annoying this time around...

Sarah Morgan 2003