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Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (1969)

I just love Miles Davis, particularly his 'electric' period (from 1968's Filles De Killimanjaro to 1975's Agharta). His 70's material is more 'out there', more relevant perhaps, but I've always loved this album. My father owned it so I was exposed to it from an early age - I've always preferred it to Bitches Brew as well, it's more delicate, more subtle, more atmospheric if you like. Perfect night-time driving music. Perfect anything music.
The album consists of two long mesmerizing suites, that lock into a groove and keep you there, adding little flourishes as the soloists take their turns to play. Actually after around 9 minutes they repeat the first part... which is a bit of a con, but I never noticed until I read about it somewhere.
Uniting jazz and rock was a great idea at the time... Just try forgetting Miles Davis was basically responsible for Kenny G... and other horrors of fusion/pop-jazz.


Sarah Morgan