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Omar - Music (1992)

I don't know how many people will agree with this choice, but this is an album I always really loved. I like all of Omar's stuff, I feel he should be much more famous than he is. He's great.
There's three kinds of songs on this album: the slow busy grooves such as the title track, a sublime melody and a very atmospheric track, the tough ragga-influenced 'street soul' work-outs such as Get To Know You Better, and the more old-fashioned gorgeous ballads such as the sublime Last Request. But it really is a varied album with a lot going for it. It's very sensual but in a subtle way. There's just a great feel going on. Other highlights include the beautiful and uplifting Tomorrow, the classy duet Who Chooses The Seasons, and the delightful Walk In The Park.
Cleverly arranged and produced, this is a great album if you give it a chance, but maybe you should have been there from the start. I'm not sure who it will appeal to now. The fact that it was played and produced entirely by Omar on his own ( la Prince) probably doesn't help. It might sound a bit rough'n'ready and underproduced a decade later, I don't know. Glossy and perfect it ain't, but I love it anyway.


Sarah Morgan