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Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses (1993)

One of the criteria for choosing my 15 most favourite albums out of the top 100 list was if I liked each and every track on a single album. Now this isn't the case here, the little interludes do get a bit annoying after repeated listens, but you can't really consider them as full tracks, so... It might seem a strange choice, this album, but I love it. How can it be better than Rocks or Led Zeppelin I, or even Dr. Feelgood, you ask. Good question. It just resonates more to me, it was an important album for me when it came out, I was listening to a lot of hard rock and heavy metal back then. I guess it's a hard rock record I can listen to even when I'm not in the mood for hard rock (which is often). It's a great album, funny too. People don't usually get how ironic Peter Steele and Type O Negative really are, as they look like scary goth creeps. But they're hilarious. It's just so over the top. And it's great musically too. I love it.

Sarah Morgan