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McCoy Tyner - Supertrios (1977)

Worth buying just for the opening track, an absolutely titanic rendition of Antonio Carlos Jobim's classic Wave, which is probably one of the 10 best music pieces I've ever heard in my life. It is just an unbearably beautiful track. Jobim's magnificent original melody is given new life with this dream-like jazz arrangement. Gargantuan piano playing by the god-like Tyner, well assisted by his session men, combining together to create nothing short of a musical miracle, surely one of the high points of 70's jazz. Magnificent. The rest of the album of course cannot measure up, but sometimes it almost does, like on the praeternaturally atmospheric Blues For Ball, the closing number on a mighty fine set. At once joyous, melancholy, spiritual and erotic, this is perfect jazz music for conoisseurs. But be warned - it's real jazz, not your namby pamby fusion stuff... i.e. there's 5 minutes acoustic bass solos and stuff. But it's worth persevering. I just like it more every time I listen to it. It's magical.


Sarah Morgan