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The Goddess, Holly Gramm

This is Holly Gramm, an unbelievably gorgeous and beautiful t-girl I recently discovered online. She's my inspiration - for me, the most beautiful T-girl I've ever seen. She's fantastic, I'm so envious and jealous but I think she's great. She's a real inspiration to me - I would love to reach that level of glamour, beauty, femininity, make-up skills, posing skills, ease of changing so many looks and making them all work, etc etc. She's half-Brazilian, half German-American - how exotic can you get! She's magnificent, and also so talented, working as a make-up artist and as a 'drag queen'. Have you ever seen anyone as beautiful in your life? I haven't. As you can see she's so feminine, so natural, so glamorous, so elegant, so good at posing, so classy, so... perfect. She has a perfect look. She inspired me a great deal. I just love how she carries off all her different looks. I love the look in her eyes, the way she poses. This site is up again thanks to her: seeing her, I was inspired to try and reach a new level, her level - it may be impossible, but I have something to work towards again! Yes, I'd love to reach that level, although we look very different and it's an impossible dream! Actually, to say she inspired me is quite an understatement. She completely shook me up! She showed me true glamour, she showed me new possibilities. Thank you, Holly!

I still can't get over how beautiful she is. I mean, have you seen the pics?

I'm glad to say she's very nice as a person as well. Even though she's very busy and a superstar, she remains polite, friendly and lovely. She's wonderful. She's stunning. I'm a big fan.

I made some montages and artwork for her, she really inspired my creativity. You can see some on her site and here's some that she hasn't published on there.


Sarah Morgan 2003